What we do

Creation of a digital identity for your personal or commercial brands on all platforms

We have developed the art of building new brands and repositioning existing brands on social media. Guided by our attention to aesthetics, we have created strong identities that branch out in order to reflect the purest spirit of the brand in a few steps.

Creation of your digital strategy, planning, and creation of editorial and graphical content

We create custom marketing strategies, establish broadcasting channels, and define key messages tailored to your goals. This is why each action taken by KROWD KONNECTION is minutely designed to make your brand shine, including the choice of hashtags, keywords, and moderation of your community. All made possible by a qualified team that is attentive to your needs.

Competition analysis, market research and digital ecosystem assessment

You are panicking at the thought of writing a business plan ? Have you thought about your competition? What is the market for you and your business ?  We at KROWD KONNECTION believe that it is essential to perform a regular and in-depth analysis of the competition in order to define ourselves, make adjustments, and stand out.

Public relations and marketing on the Metaverse.

Our studio brings to life all the universes you can imagine. We create your NFTs, your virtual land and assets, from the artistic direction to the final look through graphical design, animation, and video.