About us

About us

Social Mission

KROWD KONNECTION is a social impact marketing agency created to reduce poverty among women in financial precarious situations by training them in social media community management and by integrating them into the agency communication team.  This integration-based approach and continuous knowledge transfer, fosters personal and professional growth for our team members, ultimately enabling them to envision long-term career perspectives and get out of poverty.

We strongly believe that business can make a profit in an inclusive economic context and that women’s economic empowerment through digital work at a dignified salary can help solve the most pressing global issues including poverty eradication and climate change mitigation.

Who are we?

KROWD KONNECTION is a social impact and  leading bilingual marketing agency that adapts to the reality of small businesses with digital marketing services that rocks and that rolls!

Whether it is to collaborate closely with the communication team of your company or because you are riding solo and need to hire externally, our team of experts will make sure your crowd is talking about you.