12 September 2019

15 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Social Media and Hire KROWD KONNECTION

Often, we meet business owners who neglect their social media for lack of time and knowledge, or simply because they underestimate their actual impact on e-commerce. But a recent study shows that 78 % of Americans say they have discovered new products on Facebook and that 55 % of those consumers have purchased the product or service in question.

Still not convinced? Here are 15 reasons to retain our services and invest in social media!

1. Because the founding team has more than 20 years of marketing experience and nearly 10 years in social media management and strategy.
2. Because social media is marketing and having an education, qualifications and experience in the field is a must to understand the rules of the digital ecosystem and economy.
3. To have a credible and professional image, ESPECIALLY if you have a small business.
4. For high-performance social media accounts, influencer campaigns and impactful events.
5. To access a complete team of photographers, strategists, graphic designers and editors.
6. To stop shooting in the dark and finally do things right and have a reassuring strategy.
7. To benefit from an external QUALIFIED outlook on your brand.
8. Because we are aware of the latest trends in marketing.
9. Because we are a social impact company and create jobs for women in need.
10. Because to maintain and grow your social media communities you have to invest at least 35 hours a month and you don’t have the time!
11. Because you have to stop putting your company’s reputation into the hands of a cheap “contact” who has no clue.
12. To benefit from KROWD KONNECTION’s established external network of contacts, and virtually solve all your problems.
13. Because a company must, at least, invest 10 % of its operating budget in promotion, and we know how to maximize that investment.
14. Because our clients’ accounts perform above average!
15. Because your customers ARE on social media and, even by hiring an agency like ours, it’s the cheapest and most efficient way to reach them.

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