12 September 2019

15 Social media tips to boost your personal or small business branding!

1. Invest 10 % of your operational budget on marketing, and if things go south, the rule is to INCREASE the budget not decrease it!

2. Recycle your content even if it is dated… Update it!

Use the same colours in your visuals or at least, try to create a chromatic link between visuals (for example: use black and white photos and videos for your behind-the-scene images; if your logo is green, use that colour on a regular basis and make sure it is present in your content production).
Fact: images with a single dominant colour generate 17 % more likes than images with multiple dominant colours.

3. Create a marketing plan with strategy, key messages, target audience and schedule. It will give you a clear overall picture of what you are doing and will be more efficient. The purpose is to reach your target audience with the right message, on the right platform, at the right time!

4. Do research on when is the best time to post and keep track of your performance. You have no idea how posting at the right time can increase the number of followers for your page and ensure loyalty.

5. You have a spa, a restaurant or a retail store? You absolutely have to film and take pictures of the staff and do behind-the-scene videos.

6. You can have a few visuals that are home-made because it looks authentic, but at the same time, social media are visual platforms, so make sure to invest in photography and graphic design. Visuals that look cheap give the impression that your business is neglected. It’s about finding a balance: stay authentic, but invest in your image!

7. Always use the geolocation functionalities on social media.
Fact: geotagged posts generate 79 % more followers.

8. Livestream activities with your staff as often as possible.

9. Use editing application for videos and photos, and add colours and effects. Keep it fun and be creative!

10. Always use emojis and hashtags. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6 % more followers and the use of emojis can generate 47.7 % more interactions on Instagram.

11. Show your personality! Our client Skull Photo Studio uses a lot of skulls and a few F words, and that is ok because the clients relate.

12. Start with one or two accounts and work on them until they have reached their full potential before you add another platform. Be ready to spend at least 30 hours a month on those accounts.

13. Post often. For new accounts on Facebook and Instagram, 20 posts a month is the MINIMUM recommended.

14. Research the competition, it’s crucial! Are they doing something you do not identify with? Something you like? What seems to get the most likes or interactions? Write it down and integrate what you have noticed in your marketing plan.

Interested in knowing more? Give us a shout!

Krowd Konnection is working on a social media workshop and other surprises for you! If you are interested, please send us an email at hello@krowdkonnection.com and let us know you want to be on the special list for those events!

Don’t forget, Krowd Konnection is the ONLY agency in Canada whose mission is to give work to women in need.

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